Friday, March 7, 2008

Hurray...I just got my first order!

I got my first order for 2 cakes - an 8" 4 layer and a 6" 2 layer - Chocolate Raspberry Ganache. Basically the cake was chocolate with consecutive layers of raspberry whipped cream, whipped chocolate gancahe and then all covered with ganache. The leftover batter I made into cupcakes...once again I love making cupcakes...chocolate cupcake with whipped raspberry cream filling and a decorative star of chocolate ganache (hehehe...thats all I had left, therefore I had to use sparingly).


Anonymous said...

Congrats !! Leftover most welcome...for tasting..Munira.

Stephanie Schoenfeld said...

Way to go, girlfriend! We're an empire just waiting to happen. Hee, hee!