Friday, February 29, 2008

without a tip

It's 10.32pm and I just got done with the birthday cake for the boys....well I am not quite done as I could not find my grass tip! I really want the grass tip and not other tips (ofcourse I could have done something else), so now I will be off to the cake supply store or craft store to purchase one (what I mean is tomorrow...duh) and then get that finished with so i can take a picture and upload to this site. One tip though: for a nice smooth finish of your icing use a VIVA paper towel...amazing what this product can do!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Flowers in a pot!

I am not satisfied with this totally and will work on making this look better. I made teeny cupcakes with some leftover batter, and therefore I had to make something with them!!! This will most probably go to Jamila's theatre art teacher as she will be tired by this weekend from the production that is taking place in her school (btw - she got a part in the play). Cheers to the teacher as she has to bloom a lot of flowers in her pot!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

cupcakes for business seminar

Just finished making 4 dozen cupcakes of 2 flavors. Coffee toffee and chai latte. The chai latte needs more tweeking - maybe a little stronger and less of a vanilla flavor. This was my first attempt at this flavor. My kids ate all the leftover cupcakes!!

cupcake sampling

Today I am going to make some cupcake samples to give out for an event that my husband is attending. The toss up is making coffee toffee or chai latte or even both!! I have not tried the chai latte version , but came across a great recipe on one of the blogs and am dying to try it.....hmmmnn...well I guess both flavors it is!! I hope to get some feedback on this and maybe a few orders....LOL :)