Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Aladdin and the magic lamp perhaps??

For a lovely young girl who turned 10! Vanilla cake with butter cream frosting. The rope, carpet and lamp are made out of fondant.

A year later!

It's been a year since I last posted...how pathetic!
I have been baking, just not writing about it, so here we go again.
Superbowl was fun and I baked some yummy cupcakes. White chocolate and lime with coconut frosting. The cupcake itself was moist with a fine but dense crumb. I mixed a little cream cheese into my frosting recipe (it somehow gives it a nice creaminess).

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bowling pins!

4 year old birthday boy had a bowling party celebration!
Vanilla cake with buttercream and fondant decoration.
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Posted by PicasaBambi was for a cute 1 year old (she is 2 today...shows how long ago I should have posted)! This is all butter cream. Bambi was free hand drawn and then piped with star tip.

Dentist cupcakes!

These were made for a dentist friend (quite obvious from the decor). It was a while ago, but I just saw that I had 2 posts that had not been published....so now they are!

Valentine cupcakes!

Every year I bake or make something edible for my husband on this day. I, personally, enjoy this overloaded with love holiday! It makes me feel happy, because there is so much love in the air :)
This year I stumbled upon a blog that had this recipe for salted caramel cupcakes (I apologize, but I cannot find this blog again as I did not save it).... I thought it would be an interesting taste to have salty sweet cupcakes.
I got working on them at night and in a couple of hours , I had myself a dozen cupcakes. Some of them got a tiny fondant heart on them (for the love), and a little sprinkle of brown sugar (it looked like gold speckles) to make them look cute.Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cowboy cake...yee ha!

Made for a birthday party that is 'cowboy themed'. The small 6 inch cake is the centerpiece and surrounding would be the cowboy hat cupcakes. The hats are made out of chocolate, using a mold, and the accessories on the small cake are all fondant. I have tried to paint on the bandanna...lol...not too successful! Do look at my wonderful buckle...an idea from my brother in law :)