Thursday, February 28, 2008

Flowers in a pot!

I am not satisfied with this totally and will work on making this look better. I made teeny cupcakes with some leftover batter, and therefore I had to make something with them!!! This will most probably go to Jamila's theatre art teacher as she will be tired by this weekend from the production that is taking place in her school (btw - she got a part in the play). Cheers to the teacher as she has to bloom a lot of flowers in her pot!!


Tasneem said...

That looks cool. I would not mind one of those for my birthday! Good job.


That is too cute! If we're back in Katy for around Saige's birthday, I'm ordering one that looks like pink daisies! And tell Jamila congrats...Gray will be thrilled for her!

Cecilia said...

Love your cakes and anything with fish on it is just perfect for our kids. You're so creative!!Conrad says "hello" to Jamila